Children’s Resources

Educating our children about the value of other faith traditions should be an important component of your church’s religious education program for children, youth, and young adults. We have listed below a few resources below that you may wish to incorporate into your religious education for your young people. The Center for Progressive Christianity is committed to providing resources for progressive Christian religious education. We would welcome your contribution of the titles of resources you have found helpful.

Recommended Books on Faith and Spirituality for Kids

For the very young…

Cynthia Rylant. Bless Us All: A Child’s Yearbook of Blessings (Little Simon Books, 2004).

This little hard-paged book is a blessing for all sorts of things and places. Each month gets a different poem of blessing.

Lawrence and Karen Kushner. Where Is God (ECS Series, Skylight Paths Press, 2002).

What Does God Look Like (ECS Series, Skylight Paths Press, 2001).

Sandy E. Sasso. What Is God’s Name? (ECS Series, Skylight Paths Press, 1999)

The ECS series produced by Skylight Paths Press includes little hard-paged books with an interfaith, pluralistic perspective on spirituality and responding to the common religious questions of pre-shool kids.

For elementary school-aged kids…

Sandy E. Sasso. In God’s Name (Jewish Lights Press, 1994).

How people of different faiths talk about God.

Etan Boritzer. What is God? (Firefly Press, 1990).

An interfaith meditation on the nature of God – good bedtime reading.

Children of America. The 11th Commandment: Wisdon from our Children (Jewish Lights Press, 1996).

Kids from many relions and cultures add to the Ten Commandments (which are listed in the book as well). Illustrated by kids… very cool!

For Teens…

Yann Martel, Life of Pi (Harcourt, 2001).

A young man’s encounters with Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam, and an adventure at sea, probe the great questions of life.


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